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We both were cursed on the day we met.

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Things that are NOT GOTH

Spock, Steampunk, Talking about wearing black, Telling people you have a favorite color, talking to people, smiling in a non-ironic fashion, non natural occurring hair colors, side hugs, making a heart symbol with your hands, smiling, giant pants with straps all over them (bondage pants), live butterflys, PDA, PDA ON CAMERA, The Who, Girls with nature eyebrows, guys with untrained eyebrows, POP PUNK, ANIME, bio-hazard symbols, babies, nightmare before christmas, Disney, Bam Margera, elves (dark, wood, or high), expressing excitement in a non monotone voice, smiling on camera, sharpie eyebrows, hello kitty, weed leaves, Edward Scissor hands (the movie, the character was very goth, but he was sort of a baby goth), pink floyd, punk zebra print, neon colors, dreads, top hats or fedoras (in present day),┬áteletubbies, my chemical romance, emo swoop hair, tie dye, the heartagram, wearing anything like animal ears or tails, Tim Burton’s wife, miley cyrus. These are just a few. Don’t Contact me if you have question or disputes, I don’t really care.

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